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Supporting UVA Children's Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network
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Our Mission

For the kids!

Dance Marathon at UVa is a non-profit organization that fundraises throughout the year for the UVa Children's Hospital as part of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMMH). In the past 18 years, we've raised over $700,000, and the total keeps growing! Dance Marathon is dedicated to giving back to families throughout the year; it’s more than an all-day event, it’s a 365-day organization. In our eighteenth year at UVa, we will be working all year long in preparation for our marathon in March 2016, a culmination and celebration of all of our efforts! Students, families, and members of the University community come together to stay on their feet, while others drop by to watch, boost morale, and take part in other Dance Marathon events throughout the day.

  • Money Raised

    Over $700,000.00

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Katherine Kamis
Overall Chair
Hi everyone! I’m excited to be one of the Overall Co-Chairs this year! This year is my third year involved in Dance Marathon and I’m overjoyed to become part of an awesome organization. FTK!
Halle Yungmeyer
Overall Chair
Lizzy Girvan
Overall Chair

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