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A Brief Overview

Each year UVa students take on the challenge to stay on their feet for 10 consecutive hours for the Marathon – an event that raises money to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network at the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital. Since its inception, our event has raised nearly $1,000,000 for the Hospital. In addition to dancing the night away with the line dance, students participate in a variety of fun activities. They enjoy a wide range of entertainment groups, great food, and special events during the marathon. The student participants, or “dancers,” experience physical and mental challenges during the event, serving as a reminder of the obstacles children treated at the UVA Children’s Hospital. The highlight of the event is when the Miracle Families visit, play and share their stories during Family hours and the Miracle Ceremony. Their stories of success are what keep the dancers motivated and remind everyone that they are making a difference in a child’s life.

The UVa Chapter of Dance Marathon, called HooThon, is in its 21st year of existence, and we plan to continue to honor the heroic battles with chronic diseases that children across the country fight every day by involving as many students, parents, alumni, community members and local businesses as possible in our effort to raise $100,000 for the UVa Children’s Hospital!

Children’s Miracle Network

Children’s Miracle Network has been an important part of UVA Children’s Hospital since 1984. The program has seen many changes over the past 30 years but the mission remains the same: provide the best pediatric healthcare for the kids of central Virginia and beyond!

Where does the money go?

Funds raised through Children’s Miracle Network and Dance Marathon support a variety of areas at UVA  Children’s Hospital. They help to purchase specialized pediatric equipment which allow doctors and nurses to provide the best possible care available in central Virginia. They help fund educational and development programs that make the hospital a less scary place for younger patients. Money raised through DM helps fund cutting edge research that allows for the toughest cases to be seen and treated right here in Charlottesville. Most importantly, these funds are helping the kids in our community!

Specialized Pediatric Equipment

ECMO Pump – This machine serves as a bypass of the lungs and heart to provide oxygenated blood to the body during organ failure. This allows more time for doctors to implement a treatment or prepare for surgery.

Infant Resuscitators – This is a vital piece of equipment in the Neonatal and Pediatric intensive care units. It is designed to fit over an infant’s nose and mouth to provide respiratory aid. Not only does the smaller size effectively and comfortably fit over the patient’s face, but it also provides the appropriate amount of air to the lungs.

Child Development Services

Hospital Education – Our hospital education team works with local schools to help long-term patients at the Children’s Hospital keep up with their schoolwork. That way, when they are able to return to class, they are not far behind their curriculum.

Child Life – The hospital can be a scary place for a child. The Child Life program helps each patient feel more comfortable by helping them develop socially, encouraging interactions with other patients, and explaining medical procedures in terms that they can understand.


UVA Children’s Hospital not only treats patients but also serves as a cutting edge research center right here in central Virginia. Funds raised through CMN help researchers by providing grants to help cover some of the very expensive startup costs.


The 2017 DM Exec Committee was privileged to meet Dr. Trey Lee, who is doing groundbreaking research on  children’s leukemia right here at UVA! Click on the photo for more information on his work!

How Can You Help?

Join us! From now until April 1st, we will be working tirelessly to publicize our cause, host events, recruit ‘dancers,’ and nickel n’ dime our way to $100,000! Will you be a part of the movement? We hope so!

Contact Us: Questions and suggestions are most welcome!

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